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@TheEddieBuck, how among others, I’ve had the honor of directing. He’s and amazing actor I’m humbled to show this project of theirs. It was a true pleasure to watch. congrats to everyone involved.

@Denadarvish via Instagram post

“The Salon is the free safe zone for many to express themselves and be accepted!”

Terry ThomasAtlanta, Georgia

“Watched them all! Loved the series ❤️Left me wanting to see more!!! You are awesome 🤟❣️”

Sandy Chester – Kunkley

“Wow the acting is really great, cam work, and love that one of the lead guys is deaf or hard or hearing, and beyond that it’s funny!  Are you getting any bites to have it on Amazon, or Netflix? So fun!”

Marla Leech, Santa Monica COllege

“Watched all episodes of The Salon together.  You are incredible too.  I’m in awe of what you’ve accomplished.”

MaryAnn Yueneducator, San Francisco, CA

“These are just amazing episode’s and I would love to see more of these! Keep it up!”

Kim MacFarlance

“Love it! I watched all episodes while I have my first coffee and breakfast immediately after I woke up. Well done! Looking forward to see more! What an amazing show!  I would love to have my quarantined hair to be pampered like that!”

Gabriel Stratiff

“My favorite scene is ”the Mirror”. What the best scene. I am looking forward to the next new episodes. I enjoyed watching the show. I am so proud of Eddie Buck his achievement in the show along with his casts. Hands wave to them!”

Rose Greco, Torrance, CA

“The salon was a delight!! Ghost cracked me up!! Eddie Buck was fantastic i want to see more of him and Richardo!!!! Waiting for more episodes!! “

Yael Hermann, Facebook fan

Just watched the first two episodes. The characters are really fresh, and we haven’t seen them before. Brava!!! All your hard work, humor, and intelligence are paying off! 

Judie Fein, Travel Journalist, Speaker, Author, Editor

“ I just wanted to take a moment and thank  Messina-Captor Films for mentioning the Parkland, Florida tragedy and keeping what happened in my community current and relevant.”

dara Blaker, Parkland Florida

“The Salon is exactly what I needed in my self-isolation. Hysterical. Vulnerable. Honest. A just a tiny bit wacky.” 

Rita Sanders, Television Editor