Meet Our Cast & Crew

The cast and crew of The Salon is dynamic, diverse and very “social”. Meet our ensemble cast members who rotate in and out of our story lines. Each have their own separate web page. Click their name to be brought to the individual pages.


Harry Shearer

“Marc” / Twitter: @TheHarryShearer

Kate Linder

“Katie”/ Twitter: @KateLinder / Instagram: @KateLinderYR

Luis Jose Lopez

“Ricardo” / Twitter & Instagram: @LuisJoseLopez01/

Eddie Buck

“Eddie” / Instagram: @TheEddieBuck

Mason Grammer

” Judy the receptionist”/ Instagram: @Mason

Akende Munalula

Abimbola / Instagram: @akendemunalula

Derek Warburton

“Channing” – Media Influencer/ Instagram: @DerekWarburton

Sam Rubin

Guest Star, Entertainment Anchor KTLA @SamRubinTV

Candy Washington

“Nicole” / Twitter & Instagram

Chala Savino


Gail Bearden

“Mrs. Dubois”

Jeanette O’Connor

“Mrs. Kendrick”

Jennifer Lee Weaver

“Mrs. Aston”

Anthony Tai


Tommy Geraci

“Hairdresser “


It takes a village or several to make a great film project. We are grateful for these talented people for taking this journey with u

Kelsey Grammer, Executive Producer

Tom Russo, Executive Producer

Lori Glasgow


Anthony Nex


Louise Sattler


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Bobby Murphy, Assistant Director (AD)

Siggy Mathieson, First Assistant Director

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Griffin Nex, DP, Camera Operator

Cassidy Steele, Production Designer

Pam Temmen, Production Coordinator (photo coming soon)

Manny Rivas, Sound Director and Music Editor

Ken Webb, Music Editor

Caroline Scubick, Costume Designer

Sunghwan Moon – Editor

Seda Akaltin, Script Supervisor

River Escobar, Art Director

Valeria Zuniga, Art Director

Kory Mann, Set Decorator

Costumers – Maeve Kiely and Jenna Friedman

Hair and Makeup:

Lori McConnaha, Hair and Make-Up Supervisor

Donald Hsiao

Eloy Marquez

Josue Solis

Lindsey McConnaha

Nazli Smith

Stacey Soleil

Our Behind the Scenes Craft Services and Media Team


Aimee-Noel Callaway

Amanda Greene

Fern Decenea

Jenni Decenea

Louise Sattler


Louise Sattler

Amanda Greene

Fern Decena

Jenni Decena

Stacey Soleil

Tommy Geraci

American Sign Language Interpreters: Brooke Cordova and Shanene Laudeberg