The Salon Stats

Chronological Order- Most Recent First

May 13-May 24, 2020 The Salon is made available for a brief time for viewing via YouTube

Episode 1 1436
Episode 2569
Episode 3360
Episode 4312
Episode 5369
Episode 6311
All 6 “STRING” (only made available the last couple of days)211
Total YouTube viewers3568
Captioned option chosen by 240 viewers


Age ranges with most viewers: 25-34 & 45-54

Gender of viewers:  54% female  45% male

Percentage of Viewers in the United States: 91%

Social Media Channel Data
Facebook ( 2 – day boost)6071 accounts reached (organic/paid)
Instagram (3 day boost)17331 accounts reached
organic and promoted
Twitter107K accounts reached- organic
130,402 accounts reached across Messina Captor/ The Salon Channels directly associated with this series and spotlighting the series on YouTube and available for viewing

Sam Rubin KTLA segment – week of May 18, 2020 – Over 8K views

Press Release: 320+ media outlets

Media Mentions via Google Search:

#TheSalonDigitalSeries hashtag – 1710

“The Salon Digital Series” –  934

“Messina Captor Films and The Salon” – 624

“The Salon” and “Messina Captor Films” 1024

Post Production Media and Stats